Activation International Ministries-AIM  

  Positioning Nations to be Transformed for the Glory of Christ

Our Goal  is not to start another church on the block.  We are an Apostolic Resource center looking to impact the Regions of this world.  We are raising up an Apostolic and Prophetic culture that will fulfill the Commission from heaven.  You can expect the following at the Apostolic Center  :

  • Major focus on relational connections
  • A place of accountability
  • A launching pad for emerging 5 fold ministry leaders
  • A filling station for the believers of Christ
  • A movement that will be fully engaged in the 7 Mountain Mandate
  • A place of equipping the saints
  • Individuals will begin to understand their authority and purpose on the earth
  • We are raising agents for social transformation
  • Equipping others to equip others (reproducers of reproducers)